Multimedia and Citation Resources

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These resources were provided to project teachers following our first workshop on November 13, 2007. Teachers were interested in learning more about using Adobe’s Presenter software that converts PowerPoint presentations into web-based media using Flash. There was also a great deal of interest in copyright and citation guidelines for high school students.

Engineering Multimedia Presentations
Created with Adobe’s Acrobat Presenter (formerly Macromedia Breeze). Produced to support fifth graders as they learn to calculate the torque of a waterwheel during the Saugus Iron Works Project-Based Unit (PBU).

Waterwheel I

Waterwheel II

Copyright Article

The Educator’s Guide to Copyright and Fair Use By Hall Davidson

Davidson gives teachers permission to photocopy and distribute his article. It also include a 20 question quiz. I’ve given this quiz as pre-assessment activity to both teachers and college students prior to handing out the article. No one has ever received an 100% even though they thought they knew the rules.

Citation Website Tool
Son of Citation Machine

Supports all major formats. Teaching your students how to cite resources will help them become good digital citizens.