Saugus Iron Works

The Saugus Iron Works (SIW) refers to a Project-Based Unit (PBU) that was developed in 2002 by a group of grade 5 teachers participating in Project TEACH 21C. The unit serves as a model for using web-based curriculum to leverage resources to change instruction and improve student learning. The Flash enabled graphic displays a concept map showing how the SIW PBU was used to drive the integration of district curriculum initiatives. More specifically, it addresses the impact on curriculum instruction, development, and analysis. The timeline illustrates how projects like iTEACH and the HP Technology for Teaching grant have been used to move from a pilot-testing mode to full scale implementation.

Check the SIW PBU Blog archive for project news dating from 2005-2008.

Access the student view of the SIW PBU.

If you are a teacher check out the SIW wiki.  It contains plenty of extra information on teaching the unit.

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